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Tony and Cyndee Jardieu

About Us

Meet Tony and Cyndee Jardieu, your trusted husband-and-wife real estate investor team, committed to making your home-selling journey a smooth, rewarding, and stress-free experience. What sets Tony and Cyndee apart is their genuine commitment to understanding the unique needs of each seller. They prioritize open communication, transparency, and collaboration, while building trust with sellers throughout the entire process. Whether you're facing a time-sensitive situation or simply want a hassle-free sale, Tony and Cyndee are here to provide tailored solutions that align with your goals. Known for their integrity and professionalism, Tony and Cyndee understand that selling a home is a significant decision, and they are dedicated to guiding you through the process with care and expertise.

How It Works



Call or reach out online, and we’ll work with you to schedule a walkthrough at your convenience.


We’ll assess the value of your house based on conventional real estate metrics to create a fair offer.
Receive Offer

Receive Offer

You can get an offer for the price of your home in as little as 24 hours. This is a cash offer.
Get Paid

Get Paid

If you accept the cash offer, you can move out on a timeline that works for you and your family.

Comparative Options: Traditional Vs. Cash Home Sales

Selling your house to a cash home buyer has several advantages over traditional market listings or through real estate agents. Home sales with cash buyers are typically faster, skipping the often protracted periods of bank financing that buyers with mortgages require. This can be great for sellers looking to relocate quickly or those who need to liquidate assets without delay. Cash sales reduce the risk of buyer financing fall-through, a common obstacle that can disrupt or derail deals dependent on lending approvals. Cash home buyers purchase properties "as is," offering sellers relief from the need for costly repairs or aesthetic improvements that are usually necessary to attract buyers in the conventional market. Our goal is to simplify the selling process. We are the ideal choice for home sellers looking for a fast, fair cash offer on their home.

We Buy Houses of All Types, No Matter Your Situation

At Cynton Home Buyers, we recognize that every house has a story, and every homeowner has unique circumstances. That's why we don't limit ourselves to purchasing only a specific kind of property. Whether you own a charming bungalow in an older neighborhood, a sleek downtown condo, a spacious family residence in the suburbs, or even a property that's seen better days, we're interested. Homes with historical quirks, modern designs, or those that might be labeled "fixer-uppers" – we want to make you a cash offer. We appreciate the diversity of properties in Fort Worth, and we're passionate about providing solutions tailored to each homeowner's situation. So, whether you're downsizing, relocating, inheriting, or simply aiming for a change, Cynton Home Buyers is ready to offer you a fair cash deal. Say goodbye to the painstaking processes of traditional selling and embrace a smooth, efficient, and direct route with us. Every home, regardless of type or condition, has value, and we're here to recognize and honor that value with our straightforward approach.

Types of Houses We Buy

Divorce Houses

Cynton Home Buyers offers a quick and hassle-free solution for couples going through a divorce, providing a straightforward process to liquidate their joint property. This option ensures minimal complications and a fast closure during an emotionally challenging time.
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Inherited Houses

For individuals who inherit properties and prefer not to manage or maintain them, Cynton Home Buyers offers an immediate solution. We simplify the selling process, enabling heirs to convert their inherited asset into cash swiftly and with ease.
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Pre Foreclosure Houses

Homeowners facing foreclosure can turn to Cynton Home Buyers as a potential escape route. By selling to us, homeowners can potentially avoid the lengthy and damaging foreclosure process, securing funds to settle their outstanding debts.
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Damaged Houses

Homes with significant damages can be challenging to sell on the traditional market. Cynton Home Buyers provides an opportunity for homeowners to sell such properties without undergoing costly repairs, ensuring a prompt sale regardless of the home's condition.
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Condemned Houses

For properties deemed uninhabitable or condemned by local authorities, Cynton Home Buyers offers a viable route for sale. We can bypass the challenges posed by such properties and provide sellers with a direct path to monetize an otherwise hard-to-sell asset.
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Pristine Houses

Even for homes in immaculate condition, Cynton Home Buyers offers an expedited selling process. We cater to homeowners looking for a swift and efficient sale without the traditional market's potential delays, ensuring a hassle-free transition even for top-tier properties.
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Fort Worth Cash Home Buyers

If you’re looking to sell your house fast in Fort Worth, you’ve come to the right place. As a dedicated cash home buyer, we specialize in offering a stress-free, swift, and reliable sale process for homeowners in the Fort Worth area. Whether you are facing foreclosure, dealing with a divorce, relocating, or simply need to sell your property quickly without the hassle of traditional home selling, we are here to help. By choosing to sell to Cynton Home Buyers, you avoid realtor fees, home inspections, and lengthy waiting periods. We pride ourselves on providing fair, transparent offers and can close the deal on your timeline, often within a week. Let’s work together to get you the fast sale and peace of mind you deserve.

About Cynton Home Buyers: Sell Your House Fast in Fort Worth

At Cynton Home Buyers, we understand the urgency and intricacies involved when you decide to sell your property. Fort Worth homeowners often come to us seeking a streamlined, hassle-free method of selling their homes, and that’s precisely what we deliver. Whether you’re faced with a sudden relocation, inheriting an unwanted property, or grappling with the complexities of a divorce settlement, we’ve got you covered. With our efficient process, Fort Worth residents can bypass the lengthy traditional real estate market, avoiding countless showings, negotiations, and potential fall-throughs. Instead, you’ll receive a no-obligation cash offer, often within 24 hours of contacting us. And the best part? We buy properties in any condition, from pristine homes to those needing a touch of TLC. With Cynton Home Buyers, you can secure the peace of mind that comes with a fast, fair cash offer, and close on your schedule.

Who We Are

Unlike traditional real estate agents, Cynton Home Buyers operates by purchasing properties directly with cash. We provide a straightforward process where we can sign a contract with the homeowner within days. This approach is designed to expedite the closing process, but we also work with our clients to set a move out date that works for their convenience.
There’s no call center, no corporate red tape. We are friendly, local, experienced professionals that you can count on for a fast, no hassle, CASH transaction with the personal attention that everyone deserves. We have a wonderful team of some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

What Our Customers Have to Say

After my divorce was final, I needed to quickly sell my house and move. From the start, Tony and Cyndi were friendly, understanding, and super helpful….answering all of my questions and letting me know exactly what to expect throughout the process. Tony made a very generous offer and we closed quickly….it was truly a whole lot easier than I had thought it would be. Given the opportunity, I’d definitely work with Tony and Cyndi again!

Kathryn B.

We contacted several local Real Estate companies to list our home. None of them were positive about the property. One was a quick no. We set up a Facebook page, included important information about the house, how the values in the neighborhood had been on the rise. Then we put up a for sale by owner sign. That day Cyndee and Tony were in our neighborhood looking at other properties, gave us a call and took a tour. 2 days later, we were given an offer. We accepted and closed in 2 weeks. 2 Weeks after that we were able to close on the new home we had made an offer on. Professional, knowledgeable, easy to work with and fast. Highly recommend.

Rodney B.

Selling my house is not on my list of fun things to do. But Cynton Home Buyers made it easy. I got a fair offer, and the process was less painful than I imagined. Their team was always there to communicate when I needed.

Sarah M.

I ended up with a house I inherited and had zero clue what to do next. That's when I stumbled upon Cynton Home Buyers. I sold the house in a week, and would hate to think of the hassle of going through an agent.

Carlos V.

Cynton Home Buyers is a game changer. They saved me from a massive headache. The team's super friendly, knows their stuff, and they didn't lowball me.

Lindsay H.

I highly recommend Tony and Cyndee as they are both such great contributors to the local real estate community and incredibly knowledgeable of all the ins and outs in a home sale transaction. I have become increasingly more impressed with both their ability to facilitate the purchase of a property, but also assist homeowners to find the best solution for them. If you need to sell your house, definitely reach out to Tony and Cyndee.

Patrick S.

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