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Housing Trend in Pantego, TX

The Pantego housing market is currently reflecting a competitive landscape, as indicated by recent trends. In February 2024, the median sale price for homes in Pantego stood at $323,000, marking a notable increase of 14.3% compared to the same period last year. This surge in prices suggests a robust and growing real estate market in the area.

However, a nuanced aspect of the market is revealed when examining the median sale price per square foot. Despite the overall increase in median sale prices, there has been a significant decrease of 38.2% in the median sale price per square foot since last year, now resting at $147. This metric implies that while home prices have risen, the value per square foot has experienced a contrasting trend, possibly indicating changes in property sizes or features impacting the price per unit area.

The $323,000 median sale price in Pantego positions the market as one that caters to a higher-end demographic, and the double-digit percentage increase suggests a dynamic and sought-after real estate environment. Prospective buyers and sellers should consider these multifaceted trends to make informed decisions in this evolving Pantego housing market.

About The Pantego

Pantego, located in Tarrant County, Texas, is a charming suburb known for its small-town feel and excellent schools. With its convenient location near Arlington and Fort Worth, Pantego offers a desirable lifestyle for residents.

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