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Housing Trend in Azle, TX

The Azle housing market currently presents a somewhat competitive landscape, revealing key insights into recent trends. As of last month, the median sale price for homes in Azle stood at $290,000, reflecting a modest decline of 0.17% compared to the previous year. However, the market exhibits resilience as evidenced by the median sale price per square foot, which has risen by 5.0% over the same period, reaching $179.

These figures suggest a nuanced scenario in Azle, with a stable overall median price concealing fluctuations at the per-square-foot level. Homebuyers and sellers alike should be attentive to these nuances when navigating the local real estate landscape.

To gain a more comprehensive understanding, individuals can utilize the search bar to compare Azle’s housing market with other locations, be it cities, neighborhoods, states, or zip codes. This comparative analysis enables a contextualized assessment of Azle’s standing within the broader housing market. Additionally, prospective buyers may find value in exploring the features that contribute to home value in Azle, gaining insights into what features are particularly sought after in the local real estate scene.

About The Azle

Azle, a vibrant city with a rich community spirit. Discover the charm of this Texan gem while Cynton Home Buyers takes care of your home-selling needs.

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